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We specialize in providing comprehensive property portfolio management solutions to our clients, helping them make the most of their real estate investments. We offer assistance with purchasing a property, refinancing a current mortgage, or maximizing your property portfolio.

We provide our clients with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about their real estate investments and achieve their financial goals. Our experienced team of professionals has in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market and is committed to providing customized service to meet the specific needs of each client. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate investor, our team of experts helps you navigate the complex world of mortgages and make your dreams of homeownership a reality.

We make it our priority to provide personalized service to our clients. Our commitment to providing our best advice and support, as always, is unwavering.

Meet the finance experts

Our Team

Sandeep Jagtap

Director / Finance Specialist / JP (NSW)

Sandeep is a proficient mortgage broker with extensive experience in the finance industry. He has an impressive track record of successfully managing and growing his clients’ property portfolios.
With over 24 years of experience as an engineer and Supply Chain professional, In 2016 Sandeep made the decision to pursue his passion for property investment and become a self-employed mortgage broker. He started by building his own property portfolio, which allowed him to gain valuable insights into the complexities of the industry.

Sandeep’s expertise and success in property investment soon attracted clients seeking a trusted advisor to assist them with their portfolios. As a property investor and a broker for investors, he takes a holistic approach to investments, earning him a reputation as one of the industry’s top Finance Brokers. His dedication to clients and providing exceptional service has earned Sandeep a range of awards and accolades, and his insights and recommendations are highly sought after.

In addition to his professional achievements, Sandeep is also proud of the recognition FinSource has received for its dedication to providing exceptional customer service. FinSource won the Best Customer Service award at the Connective Excellence Awards in 2018 and 2019, and the Loan Administrator award at the MFAA NSW/ACT Excellence Awards in 2018. FinSource was also a finalist in the categories of Best Community Engagement and Best Newcomer at the EA Connective Excellence Awards in 2019. These achievements reflect FinSource’s commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of its clients

Sandeep is proud of FinSource’s positive impact on people’s lives. He’s committed to delivering exceptional service, believing it fosters long-lasting relationships and mutual success

Sandeep finds pleasure in traveling and music during his free time. Additionally, he keeps himself active by engaging in soccer. Being a soccer enthusiast, Sandeep sponsors various soccer events. He strongly believes in contributing to the community and often dedicates his time and resources to assist local charities and organizations.

Neelima Jagtap

Director I Finance Broker

Neelima’s role entails assisting clients with obtaining mortgages for purchasing properties. This involves evaluating their financial situation, assessing their creditworthiness, and suggesting mortgage products that suit their needs.

She also has the responsibility of building and maintaining relationships with lenders, keeping up-to-date with current mortgage products and rates, and ensuring a seamless property transaction.

Neelima’s involvement as a licensed mortgage broker at FinSource adds valuable expertise and support to the firm and potentially increases its ability to handle a higher volume of business. 

 Neelima has a keen interest in music and is an accomplished home cook. She also enjoys exploring new cuisines and experimenting with different cooking techniques in the kitchen.

Sachin Jagtap

Operations | Client Relationship Manager

Sachin is a highly motivated and experienced professional who recently joined our organization as Operations and Client Relationship Manager. With a strong background in property and stock investments, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. 

Sachin’s experience in property and stock investments has given him a unique perspective on the mortgage industry, allowing him to provide valuable insights and guidance to our clients. He is always up to date with the latest trends and developments in the investment world and is constantly seeking out new opportunities for our clients.

Sachin is responsible for overseeing our mortgage operations, managing client relationships, and ensuring client retention. He is highly skilled in identifying opportunities for clients to maximize their mortgage investments, and he is committed to providing exceptional service to each and every client. 

In addition to his professional experience, Sachin is an avid soccer fan and enjoys spending time with his friends outside of work. His positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and he is always looking for ways to motivate and inspire those around him.

Tejas Jagtap

Loan Processing Specialist

Tejas is a recent graduate of Macquarie University, having earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Eager to apply his academic knowledge in a practical setting, he has joined FinSource as a Loan Processing Specialist. With a strong foundation in financial principles and a keen eye for detail, Tejas is well-equipped to excel in his role. Tejas is poised to make significant contributions to the success of his father’s business while gaining invaluable experience in the mortgage broking industry.

As a Loan Processing Specialist, Tejas’s main responsibilities include assisting clients with home loan applications from pre-submission to post-settlement. He is involved in reviewing and preparing documentation for clients and submitting files. Tejas follows up with clients, lenders, and solicitors and communicates with all parties involved. He is also responsible for ApplyOnline data entries, valuation, and pricing.

Apart from his studies and work, Tejas loves sports and music. He’s a big fan of playing football and feels a strong bond with his teammates during games. Music is also a big part of his life – he’s skilled at singing and playing the harmonium. He often joins social events and gatherings where his musical talents add a lot of joy and energy to the atmosphere.

Core Principles

Our Values


We are committed to the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and mutual respect in our internal and external relationships.


We value above all our ability to serve our clients by constantly adapting program services so that client needs are effectively met in a constantly changing marketplace.


We are committed to doing what we say we will do so that our various stakeholders are confident that Finsource is a trustworthy organization.


We strive for excellence through continuous improvement of our communication, standards, processes, leadership, planning, execution and service output to our clients.

We are Award Winning Mortgage and Finance Brokers

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What our clients say?

Amit Badle
Amit Badle
If we had more stars I would have opted those. Finsource mortgage and finance brokers not only help you in getting your finance for your home sorted but also help and guide through how to avail and achieve those goals in your budget. It's a complete end to end package where Sandeep Sir and his team goes an extra mile to help you achieving your dream, then it can be either your first home or investment property. We recently were able to acquire our first home with no hassles in getting our home loan sorted from an institution. Once you decide on a property and your offer gets accepted, Finsource and it's entire team dedicatedly gets into action and like a smooth process gets you on the other side of the big wall of home loan acquisition with the best rates and loan servicing options. The team not only forsees any complexity but also advises a solution in every step. We would highly recommend Finsource Mortgage brokers to make your dreams come true. Thank you Sandeep sir and all the excellent team members. We wish you all the best. Amit
Poonam Deshpande
Poonam Deshpande
Thank you Sandeep and team at FinSource for sorting out our home loan refinancing, inspite of the financial constraints at our end. We deeply value this relationship with FinSource. Their expertise and know-how is unparalleled and establishes trust for the customers and clients.
Sajjan Hubale
Sajjan Hubale
Although Sandeep is a close friend of mine, my decision to seek his assistance in financing my new house was not solely based on our friendship. I chose to work with him because of his exceptional work ethic, talent, and his ability to navigate the loan approval process seamlessly. With his help, I was able to obtain the final approval for my loan within just two days, despite not even having pre-approval in place.In addition to his expertise, Sandeep always goes above and beyond by providing invaluable information that is not typically offered by other financiers.He was available to answer my calls at all times, and even when he was busy with his own schedule, he took the time to help me whenever I needed it. I recall a time when I called him during his lunch break, and despite being in the middle of his meal, he still took my call and provided the assistance I needed. His dedication and commitment to his clients are truly remarkable. Many thanks to my dear brother Sandeep :)
Sandeep and his team have been wonderful to work with over the years. They are generous with information, patient in explaining different options and always helpful in finding the best deal for our situation. Highly recommended them!
Shashank Dhamankar
Shashank Dhamankar
Great communication Great commitment Great client service Amazing personality and sharp observation to present past and future market trends . Sandeep and Team has always been supportive of all the questions thrown at them and build a strong reputation in the competitive market . Big Thanks to all you’re support during our journey of buying home in Australia. I strongly recommend to talk to Finsource team before making financial decision in property Market.
Rajendra Awaze
Rajendra Awaze
I would like to thanks Sandeep and Sachin to guide me through every step of the process, resulting smooth and successful transaction. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking a reliable and knowledgeable mortgage broker.
Abdul Hafiz
Abdul Hafiz
Sandeep is a dedicated professional who is always willing to go an extra mile to help his clients. His market insights and together with his years of experience makes him one of the best in his field. Highly recommended
Mugdha Sadhale
Mugdha Sadhale
Sandeep has been amazing in helping us buying our first home. He is knowledgeable and a genuine person who gives his 100% to his customers. The best thing about him was he was always available whenever we needed him throughout this process. Would surely recommend him to anyone who's looking for an excellent mortgage broker! Thank you very much Sandeep!
Aditi Phansalkar
Aditi Phansalkar
Sandeep and his team at FinSource is an absolute pleasure to work with. Sandeep has guided us for our second property now, including its refinance and related aspects. His professionalism and expertise is exactly what you need if you wish you grow financially! Sandeep guides you with an honest and evidence based advice which makes him hugely reliable and trustworthy. I would continue to take Sandeep's guidance always. If you wish to grow and take wise financial decisions ,please get in touch with Sandeep and his team. We thank them all again for their guidance and support.
vishal uppal
vishal uppal
Extremely happy with Sandeep who made the entire home loan process seamless communicating really well explaining each step of the process in great detail answering all my concerns !!!!
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